Changing Your Thinking.

Do you find yourself feeling hurt, afraid, confused, angry, anxious or depressed, lacking self-confidence and wish you could just feel better?

Do you sometimes feel shame or grief but may not be sure why? Does functioning in day to day life feel hard, sometimes even overwhelming? Do you have difficulty with trust or intimacy and wish you could be closer to others. Do you have difficulty standing up for yourself or even criticize yourself instead of showing yourself kindness and compassion? Are there things in life you want and know you could have but something is holding you back and you just can’t seem to realize your potential in your work or personal life? Do small things sometimes produce very large emotional responses like fear, rage or the need to get away?

If you answered yes to anything above please know that all of these symptoms are treatable.
There is HOPE, and HEALING is possible.
I have worked with countless clients who were experiencing many of the very real and very difficult symptoms listed above and have seen them gain self-confidence, the ability to trust themselves and others better, stability in their emotions, relationships and work lives and a peace that was not there before.

Do you want to feel better?

Time for Change?

Take the first step by calling or filling out the contact form to arrange an appointment.

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Cliff Carter

Cliff Carter, LPC

A licensed professional counselor practicing in Olathe, Kansas. He has been working in a wide variety of settings for several years as a counselor, which include: inpatient hospitalization for mental conditions, outpatient group therapy, intensive outpatient therapy, and private practice. Cliff has experience working with young adults and adults. He treats those with anxiety, depression, and related issues with cognitive behavioral therapy (and has experience with recent mindfulness variations of CBT).

He has a current interest is in dealing with those with trauma, while also working with a variety of mental or stress related conditions.

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